External storage is critical in a variety of applications. Some that require security - backups and network shares, to others that need absolute speed. This requirements are wide and varied and need specialist advice in order to invest in the best solution for your specific task.

NAS drives are independent drives that have their own in built software that allows them to operate independently on a network and be accessed by multiple devices. Ideal for file sharing, home entertainment or backups of multiple computers or devices. They're also very useful as remote storage to allow you to connect to your home or office when you're away and exchange files.

If you're in video or audio production and need storage that is ultra-fast and usually when you're out and about, USB-C now provides some incredibly fast solutions never before seen. External USB-C storage can reach speeds of over 500MB/s - plenty for your 4K work.

If you need vast amounts of storage or storage that is ultra-secure, the RAID solutions are for you. There are a number of RAID types that allow for failures of multiple drives in a RAID array with little or no effect on your data. Redundancy is built into these devices giving you safe, fast, secure storage for your critical home or business repositories.

At Leading Edge we supply, install and maintain many of these systems for large organisations, so if you're needing enterprise level solutions, please contact us directly. Here we list some of the most popular and best performing solutions from those available.

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