Connecting your business or home to the internet has become very easy. With the transition now to NBN and exceptional speeds even on older ADSL services plus other options around 3G/4G and LTE wireless internet, the choices regarding 'how' you connect may be broader that you think. There are also many ways to have an extremely fast internet service that is not tied into a contract. A service that you can move with and solutions that give you the added peace of mind of both a fixed line NBN or ADSL service backed up with wireless internet so you never have downtime.

The NBN can sound complex. It's really not. With the right advice, we can not only help you get connected if you have problems, but we can supply equipment far superior to the sometimes very low quality standard modem/routers often supplied by the various service providers.

We know WiFi, NBN, ADSL, 3G, 4G, LTE and all those little acronyms that mean little to most. We know how each of them can benefit you from a cost, location, security and speed persepective and offer solutions for all right up to the very best from Cisco for large-scale solutions and those who simply want the very best. As we're a Cisco partner, we have the worlds highest level of technical expertise available to all of our customers - not just those buying Cisco, so when you buy here at Leading Edge Port Macquarie, you're buying so much more as always.

NBN has a number of 'Tiers' you can choose from.

Tiers Structure NBN

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