iOS and OSX Servers

iOS and OSX Servers

Custom build Apple servers for specific uses in small, medium and large networks. With the increasing demands on internal networks from multiple devices - iPads, laptops and desktops all needing to update themselves automatically from time to time, stresses on the network internally and on its connection to the internet can bring it to a standstill.

Using servers placed inside your network, we can alleviate almost all of that demand meaning your internet service will be consistently faster and far more reliable even by deploying a single Mac Mini server into your network to deal with software updates alone. One machine downloads the updates and then distributes them as devices request. No longer wil they download from the internet if you have one of these servers on your network.

In Education, new DoE gudelines suggest that Caching Servers now be installed internally for this very reason as they are now able to talk directly to Apple's own network allowing comprehenasive, and very fast distribution of cotent to your devices. Talk to us about how a caching server can benefit your network environment.

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iOS and OSX Servers range
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