For larger purchases or business purchases where flexibility to add or remove equipment, update equipment and be free to change as your needs change, Flexirent is a great way to go. The equipment is essentially leased for the term of your contract with Flexirent. As it's name suggests, Flexirent is Flexible.

Payment terms are generally 12, 24 or 36. At the end of your term you can choose to take ownership of your equipment or if you decide to lease new equipment, you'll get to keep your existing at no charge. 

Benefts of leasing with Flexirent are substantial. Other than the ability to freely add equipment as you need it, all Flexirent payments are 100% tax deducatble. 

Approval is easy. Find out what you want from our website. Add those items to your cart and generate a quotation if needed. Once you know roughly how much you ned to lease, contact Flexirent on 1800 240102 and get an approval number. You can then check out on our website using Flexirent. Type in your approval number and we do the rest.

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