Authorised Education & DEP Specialists.
Leading Edge Port Macquarie are specialists in Education. We are an Apple Authorised Education dealership with in-house specialists in all areas of Education. Not only do we specialise in all manner of network infrastructure design, installs and maintenance, but are highly involved with MDM, DEP, Caching Servers deployments to DoE specification and can manage all manner of mobile deployments from start to finish. We are also able to integrate your existing devices into the Apple DEP.

Volume iPad Purchasing, Integration and Caching Servers
We are an Authorised Education dealer for many brands, but specifically Apple, and as such we are able to supply small or large volumes of Apple product at edication pricing and offer Apple issues specific bundles to offer even better bundles for Education. 

When buying from us, we make the entire process simple. From initial consultation - usually at your school or wherever works for you, ensuring you get exactly what your need now and into the future, tailor that to your school's infrastructure and then oversee delivery and install or manage the whole process. From there, we offer a comprehensive range of services to integrate new or existing equipment into various management solutions based on your needs sucvh as Cisco Meraki, Apple Configurator, Zuludesk OSX Server [ Profile Manager ] and others.

Into 2018, the Department of Education are making a number of changes into what they recommend and to school infrastructures upgrading old network switches to modern day equivalents able to support current network demands. As we're professionally aligned with the DoE and Apple, we are at the forefront of any changes made and can comprehensivley advse you on them as we are adbvised by the DoE and Apple directly.

Student, Parents, Teacher and Faculty Education pricing and BYOD Access
We allow access to Education pricing for Parents, Teachers and Students who are wanting to make purchases to use at school. Some schools offer these programs internally with us where you can buy from the school who then purchase through us. Most larger schools and institutions prefer not to administer this system and prefer iPads and Macs are sourced separately by parents themselves - and that's what we have in place for you.

We enable this via our website. All you need to do is request your BYOD [ Bring Your Own Device ] access code for your school. Just call or email us anytime for that. You can then log in here and browse the devices your school has access to at their Education pricing.

Any questions, feel free to call our Education team anytime on 02 6584 4955

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